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Rohan Inglis

Local Wave:


Current Ride:

Hughes 41 or a shortboard if it’s average



Tiki, HB, Slut, Love Riot, Cornish Mead Company

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ONE Place that I want to ride before I die?

An undiscovered Irish slab that makes Chopes look average

ONE Thing that I am uncoordinated @?

Answering questions like this

ONE Chance I took that changed my life?

Going for a night out in London and not coming back for 9 months

ONE Song that makes me stop and listen?

The Outrunners – These Girls Are Dressed To Kill (Russ Chimes Remix)

ONE Thing you were doing before the interrogation?

Finishing the poster for the next Love Riot event featuring Russ Chimes

ONE Girl who makes me shiver?

Maggie Thatcher

ONE Motto that I live by?

Live wrong and prosper

ONE Bodyboarder that will shape the future?

Brendan Newton

ONE Achievement that I want to accomplish?


ONE Booger flick that never gets old?

Redefynd – Particularly the pasty fight scenes

ONE Website that is cool? – Although that’s debatable

ONE Move that makes me ride?

Tube ride

ONE Image that I will always remember?

ONE item of clothing that I couldn’t live without?

Slut T-shirt

ONE Piece of advice?

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can

ONE Value that?

ONE Book which didn’t put me to sleep?

Yes Man

ONE Place where I feel @ ease?

In the pub

ONE One mate who brings out my best in the water?

Mickey Smith

ONE Person who I respect?

My mum

ONE Fear that scares me?

Not getting everything done that I want to get done

ONE Fashion fad which cracks me up?


ONE Look?

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