French Brittany

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French Brittany

Hi HB, i’m Martin a bodyboarder from French Brittany.

This was my first trip to Ireland, actually it was for a work placement. haha. But i brought my board cause i knew that waves are insane.
That shot was taken from a session in County Clare, it was a kind of hold up session cause we actually found that wave without knowing that it was already famous, ha ha. So it was such a good feeling!! The spot is insane, we had to cross a huge field full of horses, and there is that wave at the end. Such a great place to surf. Since that first trip i’ve been tripping almost every automn to Ireland. haha. The sequence is me and the other of Irish rider Fergal.

Well that’s it. Thanks for all and i’d like to tell you that i’m super happy to be helped by such a great brand. The boards are really great!

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