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Presented by HB Bodyboards, Inverted Bodyboarding and Movement Magazine

In early 2010, we approached James Kates with a concept…..

With the revitalized HB bodyboard range due to be launched; HB needed a vehicle to showcase not only the brands quality construction, but also lift the visibility of HB’s highly talented riders.

James returned, 8 months later, with ‘HONEST BLOKES’ in hand. A detailed travel journal of HB’s elite riding waves across Australia and internationally. Not only did James capture world-class riding, he has also documented the soul of the HB team. A key attribute of all Hot Buttered branded product.

‘HONEST BLOKES’ features: Brad Hughes at home in WA, destroying Rabbits; James Kates deep in the heart of South Australia; Chris ‘MJ’ Wilson circling high in the Tropical Pacific; Matty Young showing his local South Coast skills; and Nick Rubesaame, blasting everything and anything he can get his rails into. Also featured are a host of friends helping to turn these ‘blokes’ travels into their adventures.

To see the ‘HONEST BLOKES’ teaser click here

Please view the complete and unadulterated official release of ‘HONEST BLOKES’ by logging onto movementmag.com on December 23rd @ 6pm (Australian EST).

To sweeten the ‘HONEST BLOKES’ release, Movement Tv will be showing each chapter as a podcast starting the first week of January on ITUNES. Each podcast can be downloaded and kept for personal viewing until HB’s next adventure installment

In conjunction with the ‘Honest Blokes’ launch, HB Bodyboards has constructed an all new website going online for Christmas, 2010. Click www.hbbodyboards.com on December 24th.

HB Bodyboards are on Facebook at all hours, days, months and years……

‘Honest Blokes’……. for those that live ONEMOMENT

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